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Open Gardens Weekend - 8/9 June 2019

List of Open Gardens

         See programme or interactive map for full details.

  1. PIB Open Gardens HQ, Millennium Garden, St Peter’s Church, BS20 6PS
  2. Kate Strouts and Richard Sheppard, 20 Mead Rd, North Weston, BS20 6RZ
  3. Maggi Payton, Stoke Cottage, 35 Clevedon Road, North Weston, Portishead, BS20 6TF
  4. Susan and Mark Blackmore, Pier Cottage, Pier Road, BS20 7HG
  5. Sue and Phil Taylor, Dockmasters House, 54 Pier Road, BS20 7HG
  6. Fran and Ian Bennett, 108 Woodacre, Portishead BS20 7EH
  7. Martin and Janet Gate, 18, Woodhill Road, BS20 7EU
  8. Ann and Martin Sterland, 53 Nore Road, BS20 6JY
  9. Christine Vale, ‘Riverbank’ 77 Nore Road BS20 6JZ
  10. Beryl and Ken Windibank, 98 Avon Way, BS20 6LU
  11. John and Lesley Cotterill, 408 Nore Road, Portishead, BS20 8HA
  12. Chris and Carole Armitage, 14A Hillside Rd, BS20 8EW
  13. Tim and Kate Gosling, 5 Waterside Park, BS20 8LL
  14. Paul and Julie Ford, 268 Down Road, BS20 8HZ
  15. Jim and Diana Lewis, 45 Lapwing Close, BS20 7NJ
  16. Elizabeth Carey, 38 Lapwing Close, BS20 7NJ

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